Pho Puppies



Dakota, a Blue female French Bulldog, is one from our very own litter, we raised her since birth. She is AKC registered. 

Sit, Stay, Come!

Good Doggie!

Welcome fellow puppy lovers. "Sit, Stay, Come" are the 3 basic words that all dogs should understand and obey, and the easiest to teach. All you need is a treat they like in hand, say the command, and praised "good boy/girl" when accomplished. Practice for about 3-4 days then suddenly, "wow" they understand!

These are our beloved pets. Watching their puppies being born is like opening presents on Christmas day because the colors they produced are so different and unpredictable.

Diva, an AKC Piebald female French Bulldog, was flown in from Missouri. She looks up to Dakota, our other Dam. 



Pebbles, a Merle Triple carrier Male French Bulldog. He can throw many unpredictable colors and patterns. Naturally AKC registered.