Our puppies are raised in our home

by our family

I have 15 years experience in raising puppies so most all their needs are anticipated. 

I volunteer weekly at the City of San Jose Animal Shelter, in the Veterinarian Clinic. There I learned to administer Vaccination for all the puppies myself so you don't have to pay the higher cost on regular health Vaccinations.

All our puppies are sold with money back guaranteed for any genetic defects in the first year. We have never had anyone return a puppy!

Why Our Puppies are less expensive than others you may see?

Pho Puppies

​We are pet owners first. Occasionally, our pets will have puppies. We breed as a hobby, not commercial "puppy mill". We help bring them into the world with our the help of our Vet, help our Dam wean each puppy and train them to use puppy pads from the time they can walk out of the whelping box on their own. Each feeding with their mom is supervised by a family member to ensure all puppies get the appropriate nutrition from their mom. As we teach our children how to care for them and the puppies learn to socialize with children and people. When you adopt one of them, most all the initial jobs are already done. We will show you our routines with your puppy so you can enjoy them with your family. Our puppies are loved and played with everyday so you won't have any surprise aggressive behavior issues or shyness when they go home to your family.

"To err is human, to forgive, canine." - Chomps McGee

About Our Puppies...